Not a CASINO GAME But Real ONLINE GAME! - Online Mafia Game

THEOLDSCHOOLMAFIA.COM is a free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mobster life.

You want to be a real mobster lord like John Gotti and have all the little mobsters at your feet? You want to have fun? You want to make money? Then, you are at the right place!

Enter the gangster world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won't have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.

You can purchase cars to do drive by's.

You can form or join an existing family.

Really, in the gangster world, there is not much you can't do!

THEOLDSCHOOLMAFIA.COM offers a Real Cash Prize each round along with other amazing prizes.

Enjoy the game!

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